What is it?

Arma Technology inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria encountered on Kangarama fabrics by rupturing the cell membrane of these contaminants with molecular spikes. 

How it works

Conventional antimicrobial agents destroy microbes by way of entering the cells and interfering with the cell DNA. This often results in microbes developing resistance to chemicals and developing “fight back” strategies. Arma Technology instead kills microbes using the mechanical action of “Lysis”. Lysis by its definition is the breaking down of the membrane of a cell by mechanical action as opposed to genetic mutation.

Using Arma Technology innovation, the fabric develops molecular spikes un-harmful to human skin that rupture the microscopic bacteria and viruses, in effect killing the microorganisms that come into contact with the fabric.

Fabric developed using Arma technology has been tested up to 100 washes with independent labs indicating a reduction up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses.
To consider your safety, we have extensively tested the product for its safety. Product meets the requirements of ISO 10993. Testing for skin irritation and cytotoxicity shows no side effects of the fabric meaning product is safe to wear on daily basis without any negative impacts on your health”.